Gillian Fitness

For me, it’s like having a professional, relationship based personal trainer with knowledge of MY physical ability and needs, but at group training prices.
- Scott Parker

Gillian's bootcamp is exactly what I had been searching for: an all-round strength training class I can do at my own pace with a knowledgeable trainer to monitor for correct form and encourage me to challenge myself. As a bonus I found a fun and welcoming environment with a BEST EVER  circuit that changes every 4 weeks and keeps me coming back!
    - Janice

Gillian's bootcamp is well varied and challenging. She will always ensure you have proper form, and will push you (at your own pace). Great group of people too. Mellencamp's song from the 80s comes to mind: "Hurts so good".
- Greg Gnaedinger
I can't believe I actually pay for this but the benefits are worth every dime. 
- Matt

I've been a client of Gillian for over 10 years.
I thought I was in good shape...until I met Gillian.
What started out as something to 'try out for the time being' turned into a shift in my fitness paradigm. Gillan not only exemplifies professionalism, she also makes class fun and interesting.

From the development of the set exercise selection, to the personal attention and to the always fun banter, Gillian will convert anyone who is interested in health value into a dedicated student.

Do yourself a favour - see Gillian and change your life
- Michele Provencher

The hardest part about Gillian’s class is showing up.  Class can be hard, but it makes life easier.
- Ian Parsons

I started in Gillian's boot camp two years ago after a particularly bad ski holiday where I struggled with each turn. Even my curling game was suffering that year. Physical activities brought on the oddest aches, pains, and twinges that I had never experienced before. And living on a large property, with lots of gardens and house/yard maintenance work to be done, requires significant physical exertion. After sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day for 20 years, it had finally caught up to me. Within 2 months of joining Gillian's class, I had already noticed a big change in how I felt. No more weird pains during curling or skiing. A lot more strength and stamina when working around the house. Apparently, flipping huge tractor tires really does help :)

Gillian makes the classes enjoyable. Encouragement is provided during class, in a truly friendly and motivational manner. Circuits are changed each month and new exercises are introduced regularly, so one does not get bored. Gentle reminders are given when one misses a class.  And she's happy to tailor each exercise to the individual's abilities.

Do I like going to class? Not particularly, as it is definitely hard work. Am I glad I continue to go? Absolutely. I cannot imagine not attending her class. Without her help, all I would be able to do is sit at my desk - and that's not living well.
  - Lewis Robart
Gillian knows her stuff. Circuits are always well thought out, rigorous and effective, and they completely take away any thinking/set up you might have felt you had to do if you were doing this on your own. There is great variety so you never get bored (or have time to get bored). And don't think about slacking off or hiding among the group:  she will find ways to challenge you individually (even around an injury). Gillian also is always available to give advice and information, not just about workouts but also nutrition, other activities and equipment. She's plugged into other fitness resources such as assessments and therapist ... you don't just get boot camp, you get a whole package. The future me will thank the today me one day.
    - Natalie Mychajlyszyn
Gillian's boot camp is a constant source of energy in the midst of life's ups and downs.
- Christina

I have had Gillian as a trainer for 8 years and in those 8 years she has helped me completely change my level of physical fitness (quote from my husband) and my body. I have always attended her group strength training sessions. She continues to make the workouts fun and challenging while supporting the individual needs of each person. She has brought together a wonderful group of people to work out with, which keeps it fun.
- Sonya.