Gillian Fitness

A fun group environment to motivate you to work out to your best potential
Under a watchful eye of a trainer you will perform the exercises safely and maximize your workout effectiveness

Offered every Tuesday and Thursday year round at 7 am or 5pm
***Flexibility option: You can make exceptions to which class you attend depending on your schedule (if space is available)
St-Remi Church on Dumaurier Ave conveniently located close to Pinecrest and the Queensway.

Circuit class is run indoors from October to May

Boot Camp is outdoors (rain or shine) from June to September

  • All classes are for every fitness level and exercises can be adjusted for beginner to Advanced levels.
  • Each class is designed to maximize calorie burning by using the large muscle groups and performing compound movements.
  • All equipment is provided; Dumbbells, Kettlebells, TRX's, BOSU's, Medicine Balls, Slosh Tubes, Water Jugs, Slides, Equalizers, Exercise balls and more.
  • Each class includes a proper warm-up, 4 high intensity circuits of 8 exercises and a cool down stretch.
Winter session
January to March
24 classes
$384 plus HST
Spring session
April to June
24 classes
$384 plus HST
Summer session
July and August
12 classes
$192 plus HST
Fall session
September to December
32 classes
$512 plus HST
2 month option (if space available) $283 plus HST
1 month option (if space available) $150 plus HST